Shao-Mai (6) 5.50
Steamed egg flour dumplings stuffed with ground
pork, shrimp and vegetables

Crab Rangoon (8) 6.95
Deep-fried dumplings stuffed with crab meat
and cream cheese

Mini Spinach Dumplings (10)
M 6.95
Wrapped with pork, Chinese celery, chives,
mushrooms and onion

Crispy Shao-Mai (6)
M 7.50
Shrimp, crab stick, potato, radish, chili powder
and cheese

Vegetable Spring Rolls (2) 3.50

Egg Rolls (2) 3.50

Edamame 4.25

Chicken Wings 6.50

Boneless Spareribs 6.50

Barbecue Spareribs 8.50

Minced Chicken with Pine Nuts
M 8.50
With hoisin sauce and lettuce leaves for wrapping

Minced Shrimp with Pine Nuts
M 9.50

Beijing Ravioli (8) 6.50

Scallion Pancake 4.95

Vegetable Tempura
M 5.50

Shrimp Tempura (2)
M 7.95

Chicken Fingers 6.95

Chicken Skewers (4) 6.95

Beef Skewers (4) 7.95

Grilled Beef Roll
M 8.95

Bo Bo (for 2) 17.95
Vegetable spring rolls, chicken fingers, chicken wings,
boneless spareribs, beef skewers, shrimp tempura
and crab rangoon (8.95 per additional serving)


(Small) (Large)
Hot and Sour 2.95 5.95
Wonton 2.95 5.95
Miso 2.50 4.95
Spinach and Tofu 6.95
Sizzling Rice with Chicken 8.50
Deep Ocean 10.50


Moo-Shi 8.95
A classic Mandarin dish sautéed with cabbage,
mushrooms, wood ears, dried lily flowers, scallions
and scrambled egg. Served wrapped with four
pancakes. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, shrimp
or vegetable

Spicy version is available

Each additional pancake .50


Mongolian Beef 12.50
Beef with Scallops 12.95
Seafood Festival 15.95


Sweet and Sour Chicken 9.50

Chicken with Cashew Nuts 10.50

Chicken with Broccoli 9.50

Chicken with Asparagus 9.95

Tropical Taste ChickenM 9.50
Pineapples and peppers garnished with
a touch of black pepper

Sautéed Chicken with Vegetables 9.50

Lemon Chicken 9.95
Lightly battered, fried and served with lemon sauce

General Gau’s Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken with Peanuts

Chicken with Chinese Eggplant

Chicken in Garlic Sauce

Orange Flavored Chicken
M 10.50

Basil Treasure
M 12.50
Chicken, shrimp and scallops with garlic, ginger
and peapods in a translucent sauce

Plum Boneless Duck 17.95

Shanghai Boneless Duck 16.50
Roasted duck with snow peapods, black mushrooms
and bamboo shoots in a delicate brown sauce

Hunan Spicy Boneless Duck
Roasted duck with broccoli, snow pea pods, black
mushrooms and baby corn in a spicy sauce

Tender duck, marinated in a unique sauce and
expertly roasted. The duck is then deboned and
skinned. Served with pancakes, scallions and
cucumbers, topped with hoisin sauce.

Half 20.95
Whole 37.50


Beijing Pork Tenderloin 9.50
In a delicate sweet and sour sauce

Salt and Pepper Pork Tenderloin

Chung-King Pork
With napa, peppers and black mushrooms

Pork in Garlic Sauce


Beef and Mushrooms 10.95
With peapods and jicama in an oyster sauce

Beef with Peppers and Onions 10.95

Beef with Broccoli 10.95

Beef with Asparagus 11.50

Crispy Beef with Sesame
M 12.95

Hunan Spicy Beef

Yuen-Yang Spicy Beef
M 11.95
In a hot pepper sauce on a bed of string beans

Happy Family 12.50
Beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetables stir-fried
in a delicate brown sauce


Shrimp with Asparagus 12.95

Tropical Taste ShrimpM 12.95
Pineapples and peppers garnished with
a touch of black peper

Shrimp with Ginger and Scallions 12.95

Sautéed Shrimp with Vegetables 12.50

Shrimp in Lobster Sauce 12.50

Mermaid Shrimp
M 13.95
Crispy shrimp, sesame seeds, finely ground roasted
peanuts, spices and a hint of sweet and sour

Shrimp in Garlic Sauce

Kung Pao Shrimp with Peanuts

Salt and Pepper Shrimp
M 13.50

Crystal Scallops 13.50
With snow pea pods, carrots and black mushrooms
in a light sauce of garlic and ginger

Scallops in Garlic Sauce

Imperial Couple
M 14.50
Shrimp and scallops in a Szechuan peppercorn
sauce served with broccoli

Salt and Pepper Calamari

Crispy Fish Fillet
M 12.95
With garlic sauce or chardonnay sauté

Crispy Whole Fish
Hunan or Shanghai style


Steamed Chicken 9.50
With mixed vegetables

Steamed Shrimp 12.50
With mixed vegetables

Buddha’s Feast 8.50
Steamed mixed vegetables, broccoli, baby corn,
sugar snap peas, jicama and bok choy


Vegetarian Delight 8.50

Dry Cooked String Beans 8.50
With a unique blend of seasonings

Sautéed Seasonal Greens 8.95
Choice of snow peapods, Shanghai greens,
asparagus or spinach

Broccoli in Garlic Sauce 8.50

Chinese Eggplant in Garlic Sauce 9.95

Chinese Eggplant with Tofu 9.50

Mandarin Tofu
M 9.50
Pan fried to a golden brown, topped with
sautéed black beans and black mushrooms

Home Style Tofu 8.95
Deep-fried tofu with vegetables in a brown sauce

Szechuan Tofu 8.95
Cubed soft tofu in a spicy peppercorn sauce


Fried Rice 6.95
Choice of chicken, beef, pork, shrimp or vegetable

Spinach Fried Rice (
White)M 7.50

House Fried Rice 7.95
Rice dishes available in Brown rice for 2.00 additional

White Rice/Pint 1.00

Brown Rice/Pint 1.50

Lo Mein 7.50
Soft egg noodles stir-fried with a choice of beef,
chicken, pork, shrimp or vegetable

Shanghai Pan-Fried Noodles
M 11.50
Angel hair egg noodles topped with a
combination of beef, chicken, shrimp and
assorted vegetables

Singapore Rice Noodles 8.95
Fine rice noodles with a choice of beef, chicken,
pork, shrimp or vegetables flavored with curry

Oriental Crispy Pad Thai
M 9.95
Angel hair noodles with a combination of chicken,
shrimp, vegetables and crushed peanuts


A 1. Sweet and Sour Chicken 7.75
A 2. Chicken with Cashew Nuts 8.50
A 3. Kung Pao Chicken with Peanuts 8.50
A 4. General Gau’s Chicken
A 5. Sautéed Chicken with Vegetables 8.50
A 6. Beef with Broccoli 8.75
A 7. Beef with Peppers and Onions 8.95
A 8. Sautéed Shrimp with Vegetables 9.50
A 9. Shrimp in Lobster Sauce 9.50
A10. Vegetarian Delight 7.50

Combo #1 8.50
Spring roll, boneless spareribs
and chicken fingers

Combo #2 9.50
Crab Rangoon, beef skewers and
shrimp tempura


Served with Salad

J1. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura Combo 9.95

J2. Sashimi Tray
Δ 12.50
Select raw fish fillet

J3. Sushi Combo
Δ 12.50
Five pieces of nigiri sushi with a choice of either
California maki or a spicy tuna maki

J4. Double Maki
Δ 12.50
Crazy Maki and spicy tuna maki

J5. Maki Tray
Δ 10.95
Choice of two rolls, one each from A and B:
A. Tuna, Salmon or Shrimp
With a choice of cucumber or avocado
B. Spicy Tuna, California
or Vegetable Maki

J6. Sashimi Tray and Double Maki
Δ 21.50